Emily McHugh (Molly Brown), Noel Davidson (Sacajawea),
and Shiloh Stucky (Harriet Tubman)

Faces of History was on week 23.
Shiloh was Harriet Tubman
Landon was Teddy Roosevelt
It was a great day!
18 kids presenting their papers.
I was so proud of Shiloh … who memorized her paper and Landon who memorized most of his.
They were AdOrAbLe!

Yesterday was Memory Masters.
Seven kids – and one Mom, me!
We all went to the Brimberry’s house and tested all day long … finishing about 3pm.
Everyone made it!

The Bigs went to the McHugh’s for the afternoon to play.
They had a great time playing in the canyon … and the boys made mud masks.

Landon, Rory McHugh, and Colum McHugh

It was a GrEaT year!
Although it’s always sad when CC ends, but I’m also glad it’s over.
… now to start packing … and moving!