We are super excited about a possible partnership with Forge Espresso …
and a project that will directly benefit Mavuno Village.

Project: Kijani (the Swahili word for green) is a key step in the sustainable future of Mavuno Village, a family style, agriculturally minded center for orphaned and vulnerable children.  Although located on the shores of Lake Victoria, near the equator, high quality vegetables are difficult to grow due to intense daytime sunlight and cool night temperatures. Therefore, construction of a greenhouse would allow this family style orphan village to grow high-quality produce and sell their product in local markets at a premium price due to limited availability of quality goods.  In addition to supporting Mavuno Village’s economic future, this project will provide an opportunity to teach onsite orphans how to improve crop quality and yield using a green house.

Project Details:
Place: Mwanza, Tanzania
Size: ¼ Acre Greenhouse
Goal: $5,000
Stretch Goal: $10,000
Groundbreaking: 2016

On top of this, we are hoping and praying that Mavuno Village will move their “HQ” to CO.
There’s much going on, which I am really not at liberty to write on a blog post.
BUT – we believe in MV completely and support the Tanners fully …
and want to see the vision of MV reached.
We will do whatever it takes to help achieve the goals.

It’s interesting that God has brought Evergreen to us.
We are certain that His timing and providence through this purchase will allow us to move forward with working more directly with the Tanners.

I am so excited about the future of MM with MV.
I’m excited by the opportunities that will abound b/c of Evergreen.

We are about to enter a new season … a new direction … a new vision.