10 days

This month has been a blur.Email after email.Document after document.Inspections.Appraisal.More negotiations. Now, we are 10 days from closing.March 31st.1pm.There are some days when I’m not totally sure this will happen.Other days … I’m filled with hope and excitement. I have a healthy dose of fear and trembling.This is quite an undertaking …but one I am […]

Forge Espresso

We are super excited about a possible partnership with Forge Espresso …and a project that will directly benefit Mavuno Village. Project: Kijani (the Swahili word for green) is a key step in the sustainable future of Mavuno Village, a family style, agriculturally minded center for orphaned and vulnerable children.  Although located on the shores of Lake […]


Over the last few weeks, we have been bogged down in the details. CC details … as we are going for Memory Masters again.Mavuno Market details … as we plan our vision night.Mavuno Village details … as we work on securing funding to build the school.M@M details … as we press on toward the deadline […]