Winter has settled in.
We have had more snow in the last week then we’ve had almost all winter.
In fact, we’ve broken a 100-year old record.
The most snow ever recorded was back in 1912 … 22.1 inches.
We broke that record yesterday, reaching 22.2 inches.
That’s right.  0.1 inches has broken the record.

And with winter comes colds.
Runny noses.
Not fun.
Thankfully, we are not really sick, just a little sick.

Just this week,
church was only one service, not two,
Mock Memory Masters was cancelled on Monday and moved to Wednesday,
choir was cancelled on Monday,
and Awana was cancelled on Wednesday.
With a CC winter break, we’ve had a pretty uneventful week at home.

Steve has a comp day today, so he’s home.
Other than a lunch time book club, a trip to Walmart …
and a board meeting tomorrow,
things are pretty quiet around here.