Winter has settled in.We have had more snow in the last week then we’ve had almost all winter.In fact, we’ve broken a 100-year old record.The most snow ever recorded was back in 1912 … 22.1 inches.We broke that record yesterday, reaching 22.2 inches.That’s right.  0.1 inches has broken the record.Hilarious. And with winter comes colds.Coughing. […]

The Circle Maker

My mom has been reading this book by Mark Batterson.The Circle MakerPraying circles around your biggest dreams and greatest fears. I didn’t know what to think.Would it be another name-it-and-claim-it prayer book?No, quite the contrary! The legend of the Circle Maker.1st century BC.A devastating drought.Honi.With a six-foot staff in his hand, Hone began to turn […]


Well, I’m 44.It was a pretty uneventful celebration.The Secret Garden play was a disappointment.We went to Target afterward to open presents.My sweet family is always so thoughtful. Then on Sunday, we went to church.Steve made me an omelet for brunch.Kristen watched the kids so we could go out.BOGO Qdoba, a free drink at Starbucks … […]

Birthday Celebration

We just celebrated Mom’s BIG birthday.Shhhh ….  I can’t say how old she is now. Tomorrow is my birthday.Next Saturday is Shawnie’s …and Steve’s is March 1st. So, today we celebrate.We are going to the Lone Tree Performing Arts Centerso we can see the Secret Garden.I just finished reading the book (it’s a Challenge A […]

Pre-teen Helper

Weird. Today, I took Shiloh to MOPS to help in MOPPETS. They were short helpers. So, I volunteered her. She’s 11. She’s signed up for babysitting training next month. My girl. Don’t blink … because just like that, they become pre-teen helpers.