We don’t have any plans for tonight.
We’re just going to chill out at home and watch Ragamuffin.

Tomorrow, Steve has graciously said he would take the kids to Cuchara.
I get to stay home for 48 hours !!
A quiet house.
And some much need time alone.

We spent the day with the Davidson’s yesterday.
Andie is such a gift.
I’ve had such a rough couple of weeks.
I’ve let my anger get the best of me …
and my intolerance with the kids has consumed me.

It helped to talk to Andie – she had tremendous insight.
She suggested a sermon series for me to listen to.
Being a mom of 8, she has more experience and wisdom.
I need some time to process.
More than anything – I need Jesus to meet me.
I need a change of heart and perspective.

So, for now, Happy New Year!