This year found us celebrating the Christmas Eve candlelight service at Aspen Ridge.Then, we continued our tradition of fondue for Christmas Eve dinner and cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas day.  The family came up on Christmas about 1pm and we made a ham for dinner. With many demands from the business and the Cottage on […]

CC Evergreen

Today was painful.With pressure from our SM, Colleen Sprister, I thought we better visit Evergreen CC and consider changing communities and getting involved locally.Melissa is the Ch-A director up here, with 3 kids in her class, 1 being her own, I was a bit skeptical, but I wanted to see her tutor.Oh. my. goodness.It was […]

Tree cutting

We got our tree early this year. Typically, we cut it down on the Friday after Thanksgiving. However, this year, the business, with tours and walk-throughs, made it so that we couldn’t do it on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. So, Wednesday was the day we set out to find a tree … and on our […]


This was the first year since we moved back to Colorado that the Stuckys decided to stay home for Thanksgiving, then go to Arizona.It was fun to spend Thanksgiving with them this year.Matt and Jena moved back to Denver this summer, as Jena couldn’t find work in Crested Butte. While they aren’t too keen on […]

THE meeting

Yesterday, we had our meeting with Ted Sells, Christina’s lawyer.The four of us met Ted at his office and we called Christina.It’s hard to believe we have arrived at the place we have. Bottom line, if we don’t sign the ridiculous liability release document that Ted drafted,we cannot use the farm road.Christina will have gates […]


This year wasn’t much different than year’s past.But we had to drive a lot farther … and stay the night at mom and dad’s house.Shiloh was invited to Eliza’s party.So, Steve took Landon, Sawyer, and Liberty to the outlet mall in Castle Rock to “trick or treat.”I drove Shiloh out to Parker, to the Avery’s […]


We have finally found a church.After 5 months of looking and visiting churches …we visited a church on Sunday and it’s home. The service is much like the services were at Mars Hill in Seattle.The room is dark, worship is loud, and the teaching is sound.There are 3 campuses, the first one started in Lafayette, […]


Probably one of the biggest mistakes we made was taking on a huge remodeling job right from the start … with 40 weddings staring us in the face.We closed on the property, put our house on the market, moved to Evergreen, started running a business, AND started remodeling the Cottage and lower level of the […]

Tours, Bookings, and Weddings

September was filled with tours and bookings … and weddings.With 35 weddings from May until early October …and another 8 to go before year’s end, we were busy. After giving hourly tours on Saturdays, sometimes a tour every hour on the hour for 6 hours …Steve wised up and decided we should offer group tours.So, […]

P4O # 4

This year was our 4th Passion for Orphans retreat. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was excited about our new location … Beaver Creek. The Charter. Peak weekend for fall colors. I knew I wanted Jody Landers and Lisa Qualls to come back.As it turned out, Rebecca Vahle also spoke.And we had 3 ladies […]