That’s what Landon said about Halloween this year.
With Trunk or Treat at Ridgeline …
and then a fun fest at The Rock.

We just went to the dentist, who told them he is offering $$ for candy.
A $1 coin for every pound that is taken to him.
So, the kids wanted to get LOTS of candy … to earn some money.

It really was a fun night.
And as always, they were stinkin’ adorable!
Shiloh was Laura Ingals.
Liberty was a Snow Princess.
The boys were baseball players.

I love Liberty’s age.
The excitement, and the innocence.
It’s always a new experience for her.
She doesn’t yet remember year to year what we do or where we go.
So, she experiences it through new eyes.

We even carved pumpkins this year.
The kids got 4 big ones at a pumpkin patch.
And we have 5 that we grew in our garden.