Steve is on his way to Ethiopia.
A 12 hour flight .. followed by 2 more flights to get to Mwanza, Tanzania.
This is my first Thanksgiving without him in 17 years!
I’m sad he’s not here … but I’m so very thankful he gets to go!
His trip is more than funded!
Between he and David, they raised an extra $900.00!

That made it possible to give the Tanners an extra donation,
as well as buy them tools, gifts, and more.

Meanwhile, we are going to head down to Cuchara, after having Thanksgiving dinner at the Rock.
We’ll cut our own tree … and decorate on the 1st.
We have CC next week and have some events in place to make the time pass more quickly.
It’s going to be a hard 12 days … but I hope it goes fast.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!