It’s absolutely critical.
Sometimes, it seems that we lose our way.
We don’t know where we are going … why … or how.
It becomes necessary to re-evaluate.
That’s where we are now.

As a family, we are asking hard questions.
We’re digging deep for the answers.
What do we want to be about?  What do we value?
Steve is thankful to have a job – but it is certainly not aligned with his gifts.
Some days that’s ok.  Most days that’s just plain hard.

We love where we live, our church, CC community, friends and family.
But knowing that Steve’s job is no more than a job …
we have to ask – what would we do if we could something else.
What would we want that something else to be?

Having just hosted our 3rd Passion for Orphans retreat …

and with Mavuno Market’s craft fair season just getting started …
both of those send me into deep reflection and evaluation.
Where do we want to go as an organization?
What is our vision?  What are our values?
Where are we going and why?

I’m thankful for the friends God has brought into my life who are more experienced than I.
They challenge my thinking … and are a great sounding board.
Although I’m uncertain what the future holds,
I have no doubt that my Father already knows … and will show me at just the right time.

We are in a good place, but are hoping to be in a better place.
We are pursuing some ideas … and praying that God will make all clear.

For me, that means being patient.
That’s not easy for me.  I like to have answers immediately.
I cannot push and force.
Decisions will be made in time.
I must trust that God will open the right doors at the right time.

I believe that change is coming.
Although I don’t know when or exactly what it will look like.
I have hope that God has something good in store for us.
The last 8 years have been filled with many challenges and trials.
I am praying that God will bring us to a place where those become fewer.
And to a place where we (especially Steve) can operate more in our giftedness.

But for now … we wait … and hope …