I started blogging in the fall of 2006.
That was 8 years ago!
There was a short season when I made my blog accessible only by password.

Occasionally, the privacy question comes up.
Should we keep our life private?
Is it ok to write on a public blog for all to see?
These are questions that have caused conflict in my home from time to time.

I want my story to be a witness, a testimony to others.
I would hope that God would use it to minister to others.
The hard pieces – and the everyday pieces of my story.

I really don’t like the idea of using a password.
I want my ramblings to be easily available to others.
BUT is it worth it, if it brings about contention?
Probably not.

I want to be honoring and respectful.
But I also have my own thoughts and opinions on this topic.
I need to spend some time weighing it out.
And I welcome any input.