We just bought tickets for Steve and David to go to Tanzania!
This is an answer to many months, even years, of prayers!
Ever since I went there in April 2012, I’ve hoped and prayed that Steve would go.
I have a deep love for the Tanners, Mavuno Village, and Tanzania.
I want Steve to see it and experience it.

I realize he may not have the same love for it that I do,
but just having him see it would bring us closer together in our vision.

With paid holidays, comp days, and earned vacation,
he will leave on Wednesday, November 26, the day before Thanksgiving
and return on Monday, December 8th.
And a huge perk … it’s all paid!

13 days.
It’s going to feel quite long on this end …
but I’m SOOOO excited for him!

They will be able to help Dan with whatever project he has going.
There’s a windmill and the 5th house to construct,
along with various small projects.
And of course, they will spend a day at the Serengeti.

I’m a bit jealous that I’m not going.
But this opportunity is such a gift.
Which I hope will, one day, make it possible for all of us to go together.