I absolutely love CC.
When we started 4 years ago, it breathed life into our homeschooling days.
We were already using the classical model …
but CC fine-tuned what was already in motion.

The songs brought memory work to life.
The classroom environment provided community.
Just having the material laid out helped get us all on the same page…
and made lesson planning easier for me.

Now, having just started our 4th year, it’s fun to see the kids even more excited.
They know the material already.

Just the other day, Landon was doing a math lesson.
The problem said, “Put the following dates in order from least to greatest …
1620, 1773, 1492 and 1776.”

He came to me and said, “Look at this problem, Mom.
1492 is Columbus, 1620 is the Pilgrims, 1773 is the Boston Tea Party,
and 1776 was the Continental Congress.”

Math and history collide.
I love that all the subjects intersect with each other …
and my kids are starting to see it too!