We have been visiting potential locations for the 2015 Passion for Orphans retreat.
It’s a good excuse to get out of town .. and into the mountains.

The last weekend in September, we visited the Charter in Beaver Creek.
This weekend brings us to Beaver Creek / Arrowhead Village.

The Vail Valley is simply breathtaking.
It’s nice to get away from the rat race and take a deep breath.

As a friend said years ago, “It’s like an ice cream sundae for the soul.”

Since the retreat one month ago, I have been praying, thinking, and writing.
What is the vision God has given me for this retreat?
What is my hope for the ladies that come?
Does the venue matter all that much?

God is giving me a renewed, clear vision for this retreat.
I now know that I want our retreats to be a
transformational experience rather than a training intensive.

Passion for Orphans exists to serve women involved in worldwide orphan care, adoption, and fostering, in an authentic and Christ-centered manner
… primarily through retreats that provide quality Biblical teaching that will equip and transform the lives of women to more effectively lead those around them and bring glory to God through their heart for orphan care.

The Target audience includes 

Orphan Care Advocates
P4O exists to educate and inspire women to be involved in orphan care in avenues other than adoption.

Adoptive & Foster moms
P4O exists to encourage and Biblically equip adoptive/ foster moms to create a Christ-centered environment at home.  Our desire to connect you with like-minded women and help you gain a fresh perspective through real life, Christ-centric stories that will give you renewed strength to carry on. 

Fine tuning the vision is critical if I am to bring others along side.
A leadership team can only help execute the vision if I have a clear vision.

With much excitement, I sense that God has fine-tuned that vision within me.
He has made clear the things that became blurry.
With a clear vision, I feel that I can, and must, press on for the sake of these precious ladies.