Beaver Creek

We have been visiting potential locations for the 2015 Passion for Orphans retreat.It’s a good excuse to get out of town .. and into the mountains. The last weekend in September, we visited the Charter in Beaver Creek.This weekend brings us to Beaver Creek / Arrowhead Village. The Vail Valley is simply breathtaking.It’s nice to […]

Password Protect, Or Not?

I started blogging in the fall of 2006.That was 8 years ago!There was a short season when I made my blog accessible only by password. Occasionally, the privacy question comes up.Should we keep our life private?Is it ok to write on a public blog for all to see?These are questions that have caused conflict in […]

Unworthy Servant

“Will any one of you who has a servant plowing or keeping sheep say to him when he has come in from the field, “Come at once and reline at table?”  Will he not rather say tho him, “Prepare supper for me, and dress properly, and serve me while I eat and drink, and afterward […]


I absolutely love CC.When we started 4 years ago, it breathed life into our homeschooling days.We were already using the classical model …but CC fine-tuned what was already in motion. The songs brought memory work to life.The classroom environment provided community.Just having the material laid out helped get us all on the same page…and made […]

Vision and Values

Vision and values are critical to life and ministry.Without vision, a marriage or ministry is easily led off track.I can absolutely attest to this!There have been times when Steve and I have lost site of where we are going (vision)… only to find ourselves in significant conflict.Vision keeps us on the same path … moving […]


Vision.It’s absolutely critical.Sometimes, it seems that we lose our way.We don’t know where we are going … why … or how.It becomes necessary to re-evaluate.That’s where we are now. As a family, we are asking hard questions.We’re digging deep for the answers.What do we want to be about?  What do we value? Steve is thankful […]

An Evolving Idea

Land in the mountains.A retreat center.This idea is enough to start us looking.Homes dot comRealtor dot comWe thought maybe there would be something in Evergreen.As I searched online, I found that there are no retreat centers up there. We found a property.An absolutely incredible property! It’s in Evergreen, on 11 acres.It has a wedding barna […]

Finding Hope and Healing in Brokenness

This past weekend was our 3rd Passion for Orphans retreat.We were at Aloft in Broomfield, near Boulder.50 ladies joined us this time, with 10 of those ladies commuting for various parts of the weekend. Our theme was Hope and Healing.I loved this theme because I myself have experienced much healing …and my hope is certain. […]

Mavuno Village

We just bought tickets for Steve and David to go to Tanzania!This is an answer to many months, even years, of prayers!Ever since I went there in April 2012, I’ve hoped and prayed that Steve would go.I have a deep love for the Tanners, Mavuno Village, and Tanzania.I want Steve to see it and experience […]