I’ve been working on my teaching for the Passion for Orphans retreat.

The theme is Hope and Healing.
I’ve been struggling to find the words that I want to say …

There are some days that the brokenness of my own life is so overwhelming,
I feel like I’m drowning in the emotional fall-out from it.
I fail as a mom and wife, reacting to situations in an ungodly manner.
I fail in my personal growth, as the hurt and pain can be overbearing.

There are many days I feel alone in my struggles.
I wonder if anyone else struggles in a similar way.

What do I have to say to a room full of moms?
How can my words bring encouragement to them in their journeys?

Then, I get a small glimpse of someone else’s story.
I see their brokenness, their pain.
It helps remind me that I am not alone in my struggles.
So many women struggle with feelings of inadequacy.
We fail to parent well, or meet the needs of our husbands.
We fly off the handle in a moment of weakness … only to have to apologize to the one we hurt … again … for saying something that we wish hadn’t even been a thought.

This world we live in is a broken, messed up place.
The need for healing is intense.
At the cross, we find a small glimpse of the healing that is to come.
In the presence of our loving Father, we find peace amidst the storm.

My greatest prayer is that my story will bring encouragement to many.
As I share my personal struggles, that God will be glorified.
Without His strength and presence, I am absolutely nothing.
Without my hope in what is to come … this life loses its meaning.

May the women who hear my story be encouraged and strengthened to press on!