One of the best parts of being on the cruise was being pampered!!
Our room was cleaned twice a day.
Every night, our sheets were turned back, with a towel animal on the foot of the bed.

The kids learned how to make them too – Landon’s is on the left.

One morning, we awoke to quite the sight on the pool deck!

Every night, we had a 3-course meal in the dining room.
Francisco, Joel, and Rammie were the perfect hosts.
The kids loved ordering a starter, main course, and dessert.
Each evening, the wait staff entertained us with singing and dancing.
Meal time was quite memorable!

Poppi & Landon
Richie & Cindy
Nancy, Liberty, and Shawnie
Shiloh and Daddy
Francisco and Sawyer


Camp Carnival was a fun place for the kids …
and a welcomed opportunity to have some time without the kids for a bit.
Being with my family for an entire week, was such a gift!
My parents generosity blessed us beyond imagination!

Landon and Poppi

Nancy, Mom, and Shawnie
Dad and Mom

Our last night we stayed at Key Largo.
Although our hotel was only about a 2-star hotel, or “dingy” as Steve called it…
the sunset was worth every penny!