I love the change of seasons.
Fall is my favorite.
When the hot summer days become crisp …
and the leaves begin to change.

Seasonal changes cause me to pause.
One season has past.
Summer is gone.
What did I do?  How did I spend the days?

And now, with a new season here,
what will I do with this one?
How will I fill my days?
What will I do to make this season memorable?

My babies are growing up.
Right before my very eyes … they are changing.

December 2010

September 2014

Oh, to savor the seasons.
To live every day to the fullest.
To breathe in deeply and enjoy the simple moments.

With fall comes a busyness.
The start of the school year and CC.
Mavuno Market keeps us running with our vision night and craft shows.
The holidays creep up on me and are gone in a flash.

It’s not easy to practice slowing … but it’s critical in such a busy season.
Just to slow down.
To appreciate each and every moment …