This time of year, my kids start fighting.  A lot.
I don’t know what it is.

Boredom. (which is a word I don’t let them use or I make them work)
The laziness that comes with summer.
The over-stimulation that summer brings.

Regardless of their excuses …
they just reach a point where nothing the other does is right or good enough.
They bicker.
They fight.
They call names.

It starts to weigh heavily on me.

This summer, we even kept plugging along with school.
Nothing major.
A little science here.
A few math tests there.
But it wasn’t enough.

I’m convinced that kids need routine.
They need a schedule.
They need to know what to expect.

I might need a break – with no schedule.
But they thrive on it.

So, with Douglas County starting school today …
we will start preparing to start school.
We have my parent’s 50th anniversary coming up, complete with a cruse in the Caribbean!
We’ll be gone August 29 – September 8.
YES – I’m crazy excited.

But that also means that we do need to get some school behind us.
Monday, August 18th will be our first day of school.
We’ll have about 8 days to get some work done.

I’m also tutoring this year.
CC doesn’t start until September 25th.
So, that gives us some time to get some other work behind us.

And with the start of school, I pray comes the end of the fighting!