We’ve all heard someone say … 

and maybe we have even said similar words …
“I just can’t take it anymore.”
“I deserve better.”
“I don’t deserve to be treated so poorly.”

In the last year, 2 couples, who were good YWAM friends back in the 90s, both divorced.
Their stories brought tears to my eyes.
For whatever reasons, even if they were good ones, they (or one of them) gave up the fight.

Marriage is hard work.
But Steve and I have never struggled.
I’d be lying to say that I’ve never thought every now and then …
“What was I thinking when I married him??”
Certainly he’s never had the same thought.
And I’m sure he’s thought something similar.
Just a couple of weeks ago, I was crazy angry with my husband …
and wanted to … um … give it to him.  Oh yeah, I did.  =(

In the last week, we’ve celebrated 3 anniversaries in our family.

My parents celebrated 50.  That’s FIFTY.  5 – 0 !
Through thick and thin, they chose to stay together.
Primarily b/c they love Jesus … and they love my sister and me.
They were committed to their vows, their convictions, and they loved us enough to keep our family in tact, even if they didn’t always like each other.

Lisa’s parents, Roger & Eileen Himes

On the 18th, Steve’s parents celebrated 52 years of marriage!
They too have a love for Jesus, us, and each other!

Steve’s parents, Karen and Larry Stucky

In February, Steve’s brother, Matt, and his wife Jena celebrated 20 years.
Jena also told me, before her dad passed away, her parents were married for 53 years!
What a legacy to have in our family!!!!
We are blessed to have such a Godly heritage.

Jena, Matt, Claire, Anna, and Adrian

Steve and I just celebrated 16 years.
Despite all the challenges, I know, and firmly believe, that God brought Steve into my life.
He knew I needed Steve … to refine me to be more like Him!
All the trials are for my good … and His glory!
And I am blessed.
I am thankful to have married Steve.
I am thankful for all the change and growth that has taken place in my heart as a result.