We had a super fun week in Sedona.
My parents are always such a blessing to our family.
They give and give and give.
They reserved their timeshare for themselves, and got one for us.
We drove to Albuquerque on Friday, June 27th and stayed with the Drinvilles.
We got to Sedona on Saturday the 28th.
Shawnie flew to Phoenix on Wednesday to spend a couple of days with us.
We drove home on July 5th and 6th.

Other than the fact that we didn’t sleep very well….
with 6 of us in one room, and Shiloh coughing most nights …
we still had a fabulous time!

My top 10 favorite memories from the week were …

#1 – Spending time with my family!

#2 – A day with Steve, while Shawnie and my parents took the kids to Flagstaff!

#3 – Watching my kids have so much fun!

#4 – Lounging by the pool, watching the kids swim

#5 – Watching the sunset!

#6 – The beauty of the rocks around Sedona!

#7 – All the activities!

#8 – Just enough alone time to have a quiet time, read, and blog.

#9 – Seeing the Drinvilles and the Colborgs in Albuquerque

#10 – Stopping in Winslow, Arizona