About a year ago, I asked a writer at the Castle Rock News-Press to do an article on Mavuno Market.
She said no.
She said that unless we were doing something to serve Douglas County, she wasn’t interested.
Hmmm ….

Well, she is no longer the lead writer.
So, I asked the new guy who has filled her shoes if he would consider writing an article on us.
And he said yes!

Mavuno Market may have its focus internationally.
But Passion for Orphans is also a local, Douglas County ministry.
We are serving our county … and those surrounding us.
I’m thrilled.
He interviewed me today.
The article will be in the paper on Wednesday, August 6th.

I was relieved to find that Mike was thrilled with our organization.
And he was not concerned with whether or not we were doing anything for Douglas County.
Just the fact that we live here was enough for him!

With our upcoming P4O retreat in October … I’m thankful for the publicity.
I love talking about what we do …
and I want absolutely everyone to know!
This is a small step in that direction.