Although this word is a bit overused, there aren’t many words that better describe this concept.

Community is a group people living life together, helping each other, and serving each other.
Years ago, we had the best community we have ever had before or since.
We were involved in a church plant in Kalispell.
Steve and I were leading a community group and were surrounded by dear friends.
Many of them are still friends to this day.
Leeann Stutzman and Lisa
While living in Seattle, God blessed us with another community group that was a close second.
Mars Hill Church knows how to do Community Groups well.
We saw it modeled well and were privileged to be a part of a great community.
We rallied around each other.  We learned and grew together.
Our kids grew to love each other.
Since moving back to Colorado 3 years ago, our community has been lacking.
We’ve been blessed to have our families.  Our parents are always there for us.
My sister is one of my very best friends.
But beyond our families, we haven’t had many others to call upon.
At last, we have turned a corner!
We have dear friends in our Classical Conversations community.
We learn together, play together, and grow together.
Some of my kids best friends are within that group.
We just spent the weekend camping with this great group of people.
We are so very thankful that God has placed these families in our lives!
Shawnie, Liberty, Kezi, Sawyer, and Wesley

Liberty and her new friend, Gracee Babiniec

Noel and Shiloh
We also have community at our church.
Heritage has now become Ridgeline Community Church.
And now, with a change in pastoral leadership… we are excited about what God is going to do!
We’ve been at Ridgeline for 3 years now.
We found it online before we moved back home.
They had an Awana program and our CC community was also meeting there.
But over the years, we have been disappointed with the leadership and have left a few times, looking for another church home.
Not finding one, we have returned again and again.
Most recently, we returned in April, when I was in India and our friends at Ridgeline rallied around us and helped with our kids and supported Steve while I was gone!
Our membership was finalized in May and we have jumped in with both feet.
We are launching a community group this fall.
Most of all, we are looking forward to building on the community we already have.
Steve, David, Estelle, Chad, Jon

Melissa and Lisa
I am very thankful for this new season.
I am thankful for good friends and sweet fellowship.
Community doesn’t always come easily, and is often a labor of love.
So, I will soak in what I have now and thank God for this precious season in which we find ourselves.