It’s that time of year again.
The shelves lined with dirt, mulch, gloves, and plants
are replaced with pencils, paper, folders, and crayons.
The warm summer days will turn cooler.
The busy days of summer will soon come to a halt as kids go back to school.
As I start thinking about the fall and what books I need to buy and what school supplies we need …
my mind is also filled with images of the kids at Mavuno Village in Tanzania.
Orphaned kids that now have a home and a mom and dad.
Until they are 7 years old, they are given a Christian education on campus.
After that, they walk about 2 miles to the local government school.
For only $26,000 we can start building a school on site!
That would cover the cost of one building.
That one building would have 3 classrooms.
Three classroom buildings would be enough to educate kids in Preschool – 7th grade.
In addition, a chapel/ library/ kitchen & dining building would be needed.
That’s 4 buildings @ $26,00 each … totaling $104,000.
That’s it … and we could have a fully functional school!
A school that would provide excellent, Christ-centered, Biblical-based education, that teaches and trains students’ hearts and minds, equipping them to live with discernment, impact their sphere of influence for Christ, and glorify God in all areas of their lives.
That would be …
So, this fall, as you are shopping for your kids’ school supplies ..
use those coupons, shop the sales and …
Why not make a donation to help us reach our goal of $104,000?

Join with us in giving the opportunity for a Christian education to kids in Mwanza.