Local Newspaper

About a year ago, I asked a writer at the Castle Rock News-Press to do an article on Mavuno Market.She said no.She said that unless we were doing something to serve Douglas County, she wasn’t interested.Hmmm …. Well, she is no longer the lead writer.So, I asked the new guy who has filled her shoes […]

Knowing When to Say No

Serving.Volunteering.Ministry opportunities abound at every turn. The challenge is knowing when to say no. We are already busy enough trying to manage our home life …and homeschool our kids …and maintain friendships …and run a non-profit … This year, I am finally going to be a tutor at Classical Conversations.This will be our 4th year, […]

Back to School Fundraiser

It’s that time of year again. The shelves lined with dirt, mulch, gloves, and plants are replaced with pencils, paper, folders, and crayons. The warm summer days will turn cooler. The busy days of summer will soon come to a halt as kids go back to school. As I start thinking about the fall and […]

Count it all Joy

Parenting is hard work.In fact, I think it is by far the most challenging job I have ever had. Every word I speak matters.Every action weighs in the balance. My friend, Andie Davidson, writes Bible studies at Quiet Times for Kids.We recently started The Peacemaker Study. As we read through the six principles for peace, I […]


Although this word is a bit overused, there aren’t many words that better describe this concept. Community is a group people living life together, helping each other, and serving each other. Years ago, we had the best community we have ever had before or since. We were involved in a church plant in Kalispell. Steve […]


/äntrəprəˈno͝or,-ˈnər/ Merriam-Webster: “one who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.” Dictionary.com: “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” The key word in the second definition is ANY.I can’t say that I would manage ANY enterprise or business.So, I don’t know that I […]

Sweet Summer

I’m not much of a summer girl.Spring and fall are my favorite seasons.But without a doubt, I do enjoy the lazy days of summer.I love that I don’t have to start school everyday. I certainly have favorite things I love about summer. Wildflowers! Bare feet Baseball Days at the pool Sunsets Biking Hiking Road trips […]


Jaynee Hodgkins, Bethel Vatsaas, Amanda Purvis, Celina Baldwin, & meNot pictured – Karen Sear, Marisa Ala, Jen House, Erin Rowland In January 2013, just 1 1/2 years ago,we launched Passion for Orphans as a ministry of Mavuno Market.A gal who I had just met, Terina, willingly helped plan our first ladies retreat. We had no […]


The joy of the Lord will be my strength Many a day, I lose joy. Not enough sleep.Kids that talk back.Disobedience and discipline.Bills that need to be paid.A house that needs to be cleaned.Laundry that piles up.Listening to my kids fight. Disappointment rules the day.Discouragement sets in. But I know that joy does not come […]

Sedona Fun

We had a super fun week in Sedona.My parents are always such a blessing to our family.They give and give and give.They reserved their timeshare for themselves, and got one for us.We drove to Albuquerque on Friday, June 27th and stayed with the Drinvilles.We got to Sedona on Saturday the 28th.Shawnie flew to Phoenix on […]