At last.
A much needed vacation.
Sedona, Arizona.
Swimming pools.
Putt-putt golf.
Board games.
Building a robot.
Big shade trees, to get out of the sun when it’s too hot.

I am so very thankful for my parents and their generosity.
We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them.
Shawnie will join us on Wednesday.
And now that Steve has been in his job for nearly a year …
this is a paid vacation for him!

Sedona is a quaint little town.
Red rock outcroppings.
A rugged, wooded canyon.
National forest.
Art galleries.

Thankful to be here.


And just a side note …
I love the name Sedona.
Had we ever had another girl, we were going to name her Sedona!
Maybe if we ever adopt a girl from Africa!  =)