When we attended Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Mark Driscoll was our pastor and I still listen to him online.
Mark is one of those pastors who is either deeply loved or seriously disliked.
He has been called names and accused of being someone that he is not or holding a view that he does not.  He’s a big name.  
And as appalling as it is, the Christians who dislike him will do more to destroy him than non-Christians.

Since moving to Colorado, I have been introduced to Voddie Baucham.
I love listening to him.
He recently finished a series on Revelation.
He’s a big name pastor, with an a-millennial view.  
He does an excellent job teaching this view clearly.
Because we share the same end time view, he has become one of my favorite pastors.

This week is the CHEC homeschool conference.

And – Voddie is the keynote speaker!!!
He’s a homeschool father of nine, seven of whom came to them through adoption.

Now, I’m starting to hear the accusations against Voddie too!

He’s ben labeled “hard core” (re: homeschooling) and legalistic.

I picked up his book, Family Driven Faith.

Yesterday, I read the first half – and it is excellent!!!
Personally, I do not think there is a trace of legalism in there.
And this particular quote, although not directly addressing that accusation, stood out to me.

“Sometimes we fall into the trap of substituting legalism for a biblical worldview.  For example, we set hard and fast rules for what our children wear, watch, see, and hear but never take the time to develop the kind of thinking that would guide them in such decisions.  Don’t get me wrong.  I believe wholeheartedly that parents must diligently protect their children from ungodly influences.  I also believe that limits must be set and rules must be established.  I am simply suggesting that limits and rules are insufficient in and of themselves. 

If all I give my children is limits and rules, they will do what I tell them as long as I am around.  But once they leave my home, they will live in accordance with their worldview, not my rules.  Thus I must spend as much time shaping and molding their thinking as I do making rules.  Legalism simply sets up external, extra-biblical standards that take the place of biblical thinking.”

Quite often, it seems that conservatives get labeled legalists.
But they really aren’t the same thing.
From a liberal standpoint, conservatives can appear legalistic.
Among some of my favorite conservative pastors, teachers, and authors are Wayne Grudem, John Piper, and Tim Keller.

So despite the nay-sayers, I respect Voddie (and the other conservative thinkers) and am excited to hear him speak this week!