Since spring 2012, I have had the privilege of traveling to 4 countries.
Rwanda, Tanzania, Haiti, and India.

4 countries and 3 continents in 2 years

At Mavuno Market, we are forever asking the questions …
How can we best help?
What is truly sustainable?
Are the things we are currently doing the best way to help orphans, widows, and families?
How can we best combat the orphan crisis?

India truly rocked my world.
I shared much about our time there in other posts.
I also shared, a bit too harshly, about our experience with an existing partnership.
I have since re-written that post, which you can read here.

The one thing that most impressed me in India was Dalit Freedom Network’s vision to help Dalits in their plight … through education.
By learning to read and write and speak english, Dalits have the hope of rising out of poverty.
In a country that I felt was quite hopeless, giving hope in any way is critical!

Education gives hope and is the key to success in any country.
Educating children so they are not illiterate is critical to their future.

We as a family have chosen to homeschool for a number of reasons.
But for me, the primary reason is that I want to disciple my children through their education.
I homeschool so I can have ample opportunity to disciple my kids through science and writing and math and history.

When I returned from India, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the needs.
I know that Mavuno Market cannot create enough jobs or buy and sell enough product to truly change lives and help people out of poverty.
We have often discussed how we can create sustainable jobs in-country.
Farming, hand crafted goods that will sell in their villages, trade work, and more.

Steve asked me upon my return from India what I thought would really help people.
After 2 years of traveling to 3 continents, and Steve helping me process through my experiences … my answer is education!!!
Educate the children.
Teach them to read and write and speak english.
Educate the parents.
Teach them a trade that will give them a way to make money in their own countries.

Mavuno Market was started as a desire to help, and partner with, Mavuno Village in Tanzania.

A family style orphan village.  200 acres of land.  A vision to have 30 homes, each one filled with Christian parents and 10 orphans, who become their children.
A medical clinic.  Farming and agriculture.  Self-sustainability for the families.
Fathers teaching their sons to farm.
Mothers teaching their daughters to make bread.
A family model that is combatting the Tanzania orphan crisis at it’s core.
Christ-centric, parent-directed, community-driven, real life change that leads to hope for the future.

When the Tanners came to visit back in March – we talked about a school.
They have a vision to start a school.
An English Medium school on the campus.
A trade school.
Just the vision breaths life into my soul.
When?  It could take some time.
How?  I don’t know what our role might look like.
BUT we want to be a part of starting a school with the Tanners.
Education is key!

And with that, the vision of Mavuno Market is going through transition.
We will continue to buy and sell product … but we will be shifting our focus toward education.
Education as a means to combat poverty.
Education as a means to disciple children and families.
Education as a means to share the hope of Christ.
Education as a means to give glory to the One who created this world in which we live.