Last week, I wrote this post about education in developing nations.
In it, I shared that,
We as a family have chosen to homeschool for a number of reasons.
But for me, the primary reason is that I want to disciple my children through their education.
I homeschool so I can have ample opportunity to disciple my kids through science and writing and math and history.

The last two days, we have been at the CHEC homeschool conference.
Voddie Baucham has been amazing!
He alone was worth the price of the conference.
He has said again and again that education IS discipleship.

He believes, with strong conviction, that it is laid out clearly in Scripture that all Christian parents should give their children a Christian education.
He is whole heartily opposed to the public school system.
He says that schools are, by government mandate, anti-Christian and anti-Biblical.
He would go so far as to ask, “Why would we, as Christians, want the enemy (an anti-Christian institution) to disciple our children?”
I couldn’t agree more.

I’m so thankful for speakers like Voddie who not only challenge my thinking but also encourage me in my journey of life.
His words have spoken life to my soul.
They have given me courage to press on in my convictions.