We went on our first camping trip of the year.
Aunt Shawn joined in on the fun!
It was also our first church camping trip … ever!
18 families from our church made the weekend extra fun.

We went to Mueller State Park.
The group camping loop was all ours.
With a paved road all the way around … the kids ran and biked to their hearts content.

Homemade ice cream!
Hobo stew
A dear friend, Melissa VanDellen
Steve, David VanDellen, Estelle & Chad Mathis, Jon Norby
The State Park offered an outdoor skills day complete with 
archery, target shooting with 22’s, pellet guns and shotguns.

We ended the weekend with a family hike.
Some of our favorite friends, the VanDellens and the Mathis’ went with us.