My baby is 11.
It seems like yesterday that I was lying upside down on a board on my couch trying to get her to flip from the breech position in which she had settled.  And those first contractions on a Saturday night felt like real labor, but then again, I wasn’t sure.
After a Sunday morning trip to the hospital, and a quick exam at the midwifery office, which revealed that I was only 50% effaced and 3cm, we went back home to wait out the night.
Finally, at noon on Monday, we checked into the hospital.  After 2 hours of pushing, she was born about 3:30pm on June 16th.  She was absolutely perfect.  Ignorant of the pain and suffering this world would bring.
Now, 11 years later, she is fully in touch with that pain and suffering.
My daily prayer for this beautiful girl of mine is that she would know and experience the deep love of her Father.  I pray that her heart would be captivated by His and her will would be devoted to His.
I pray that she would know His unrelenting pursuit, unwavering mercy, and uncontrollable passion for her.  
As she enters a new season of life, growing into womanhood, experiencing all the hormones that accompany that change, I pray that she can always find her center and know who she is.  I pray that she will not compromise or surrender herself to anything that would steal her innocence.  
And I pray that God will give me His wisdom and insight to parent her well, to train her to make wise choices, and to impart to her a zeal for the Word of God.  
Happy Birthday, Shiloh Joy.
You are a joy and a delight to our family.
I thank God, daily, that He has blessed me with the gift of being your Mom.