We just finished our third year with Classical Conversations.
And not just our third year, but our third community and third director.
This year was by far our best.
Andie Davidson is a fabulous director!
Her love for Jesus fills our community.
The moms bonded in a unique way.
The fellowship was sweet.

AND my kids excelled.
Both Shiloh and Landon earned a Memory Master award again.
Shiloh did exceptionally well in Essentials, with Andie as her tutor.
Sawyer loved his class and learned much of the material.
Liberty was happy to be in Sawyer’s class with the Wilson girls.

We ended our year with a celebration party at the Davidson house.
It was a fun close to a great year.

Next year, our community is expected to double.
We’ll go from 21 kids to 45 kids and 10 moms to 18 moms.
We’ll also be meeting in a different church – and on Thursday instead of Friday.
AND I’ll be tutoring!
I expect next year will be VERY different than this year.
But with the same core families, and Andie as our director, I’m looking forward to it!

The Memory Masters being awarded
The Essentials students
I’m so proud of my girl(s) … and my boys!