Sawyer is finally six!
The count down began … in January!

Sawyer’s birth always stands out in my mind!
The baby who came TWO weeks late.
We waited, and waited, and waited for this baby to come.
The grandparents came to meet him, Richie came to meet him …
but he stayed inside my belly.

And he loves the fact that he was born in a pool!
My only water birth.
My Albuquerque Blessing!

He’s grown into a fine young man.
His bright blue eyes and long eyelashes.
His precious dimple.
He’s still my cuddle bug … and stinker bug.
He’s a fabulous big brother to Liberty.
He’s always ready to give me a hug, followed with, “I love you, Mommy!”

He is learning to read … and is doing quite well.
He loves the fact that he’s almost finished with Kindergarten.
He loved being a “Dinky Singer” and declared, “I love being on the stage.”

He has excelled at Awana, finishing his book quite some time ago …
then finishing his extra credit cards almost a month before the end of Awana.
He’s incredibly bright.
He’s a delight to have in our family, a real joy!
Happy Birthday, Sawyer!

He wanted a Cars cake!

We went to Focus on the Family
He wanted Kezi Davidson to come to his party!
What a handsome boy! 
And Calvin came too!
We ended the day with a cake party!

We love you, Sawyer!