2 years & 9 months.
And we are still living in the same place!

Despite all our moving around, we made many good friends along the way.
Bozeman, Montana.
Kalispell, Montana.
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Seattle, Washington.

But after 2 years of being here, I had very few friends.
We found a church and settled in.
Although we knew lots of people, we had few friends.

But the last 9 months, we’ve turned a corner.
While I was in India, our friends from church rallied around us.
Three ladies, whom I would call good friends, watched my kids.

And our CC community is awesome!
It’s our 3rd community since moving here.
The first year, there were 38 families, making it almost impossible to feel connected.
The second year, there were only 10, but we just didn’t really connect.
This year, with only 10 families, we moms have become good friends.
I LOVE, LOVE the moms in our CC community!

Last night was our mom’s night out.
We went to the movies to see Mom’s Night Out.
Then we went to Chili’s.
7 of the 10 of us were there.
We had such a beautiful time of fellowship.

I am so very, very thankful to have these ladies in my life!
I am thrilled we can do life together.
AND – my kids have made good friends with their kids.

So, I will sit.  And enjoy this time of sweet friendship.