Today, I am grieving.
I should be rejoicing, but discouragement has set in.

We just finished our Mavuno Market board meeting.
I love the people who have rallied themselves around us.

Michell Lemke, a long lost YWAM friend, who I reconnected with in Colorado.
She is a gem.  She jumped on our board eagerly.
She has helped with events, the retreat, baking, and serving.
She drives to my house every quarter for our meetings.
She’s never late and she’s never missed a meeting.
She gives her opinion and encouragement.
She is a gift.

Kneil and Jodi Novak, friends from our Campus Crusade days.
They also moved away from Colorado in 2006, and came back in 2011.
They are dear friends.
Jodi has battled cancer, and won!  They now have 2 beautiful girls!
Jodi just did a fundraiser with us, to help our vision, and raise funds for Duke, where she continues to receive treatment, and where they fight against cancer!
I’m thankful to have them in our lives, if even for only a short time.

Then, there’s my precious family.
My dad, the lawyer.
My mom, the accountant.
My sister, the encouraging servant.
I am so thankful we moved back to Colorado.
Having their support and help has been critical.

And of course, there’s me and Steve.
Mavuno Market was the original vision of Steve’s.
But it has been built on my back.
I pour my life and soul in to this organization.
I am convinced it’s a gift from God and a vision that is worthy of my sacrifice.

I know that comparing myself or MM to another person or organization may not be good.
But I also know that I can learn from others who have gone before me.
There’s a certain organization that I follow.
Their vision and their work is different than ours.
But I know I can learn much from them.

At our board meeting, we discussed our fall fundraiser.
Last year, we had 70 people attend, but only raised $3,000.
This organization just had their fundraiser with 350 attendees and raised $80,000.
They are only 5 years old, yet every year, they lead 8 trips to Ethiopia, with 240 people.
I am amazed by what they do.  I’m inspired.

It is directed by a wife and mom.
Her husband works full time.
She takes multiple trips to Ethiopia, leading teams.
He often goes with her, but certainly not always.

I am grieving today because I have no idea how to grow MM.
I don’t even know where to begin.
Back in our Campus Crusade days, Steve was the fundraiser /salesman.
With the start of this organization, I hoped that he would charge ahead with fundraising.
But he has next to no interest in doing so.
He’s full of all kinds of business ideas, but none that are for the growth of MM.

I can’t do this alone!
I am not receiving a salary.
I don’t have any money to hire someone else to work for me.
I don’t know where to go from here.
How do I change the fact that we are going nowhere fast?