Yesterday was the homeschool day at Elitches.
It was our 3rd year.
Richie, Poppi, and Aunt Shawn joined in the fun.
AND this year, we knew other families.
The McHugh’s and the Davidson’s were there.

So, Shiloh and Landon were off riding rides with their friends.
It’s fun to watch the Bigs make friends and look forward to spending time with them.
But it’s hard to see them growing up.

This year was different.
We noticed that there were quite a lot more teenagers.
By just watching their behavior, looking at their dress, and listening to their language …
it was obvious they were not homeschooled.
It turns out that Elitches didn’t make enough money on the homeschool families last year.
… so, they opened it up to field trips and charter schools.
It was quite a different day, but fun nevertheless!

Here’s a few of my favorite pics from the day.

Noel Davidson, Grace McHugh, & Shiloh

Tower of Doom!

Noel Davidson, Shiloh, & Grace McHugh

Sawyer, Kezi Davidson, & Liberty

Kezi Davidson & Sawyer

Richie, Wesley, Liberty, & Aunt Shawn

Liberty & Kezi

Wesley, Liberty, Sawyer, & Kezi