Bitter sweet.
The end of another year.
Awana awards night.
This is the only year that we will have all 4 kids in a different level.

Liberty is in Cubbies.
Sawyer is in Sparks.
Landon is in T&T.
Shiloh is in Challenge.

They all did exceptionally well.
Sawyer finished his book and extra cards a month before the end of the year.
Both Shiloh and Landon finished their entire book, including silver and gold.

More than I celebrate the end of another great year, I celebrate all the scripture they have memorized.  I hope and pray that all that they have put in their minds will take root in their hearts.  I pray that it will transform who they are and how they behave.  I pray that the love of Jesus will ruin them.  I want to see their faith lead them into places that only God can receive the glory.