In India, many women are stuck in a cycle of poverty, corruption, and lack of education. Often, financial gain is offered only through questionable or illegal avenues which result in personal ruin and the collapse of community. Traditional skills and crafts are typically neglected, and often lost, because they are not viable enough to provide […]


I was only 17 when we took a family vacation to Europe.Six countries in three weeks.God used that trip to put a burning passion in my heart for missions and the world. I went on my first missions trip to Mexico when I was 18.We mixed concrete and helped build a church. At only 20, […]

Can you swing me?

When I was in India, Steve sent emails with direct quotes from the kids.Here’s what Liberty said …Liberty – i miss you i love you.. i…. can you swing me when you get home.  i want you to play candy land with me when I’m done.  and thats all. Can you swing me?She asks me this question […]

Going Nowhere Fast

Today, I am grieving.I should be rejoicing, but discouragement has set in. We just finished our Mavuno Market board meeting.I love the people who have rallied themselves around us. Michell Lemke, a long lost YWAM friend, who I reconnected with in Colorado.She is a gem.  She jumped on our board eagerly.She has helped with events, […]


Bitter sweet.The end of another year.Awana awards night.This is the only year that we will have all 4 kids in a different level. Liberty is in Cubbies.Sawyer is in Sparks.Landon is in T&T.Shiloh is in Challenge. They all did exceptionally well.Sawyer finished his book and extra cards a month before the end of the year.Both […]

My Choices

Visiting My Choices was a highlight from our trip.We took a short bus ride down the hill to the workshop.It is right in the middle of a historical site, the Golkonda Fort, which was built in 1671. After being asked to leave OM, Melanie was ready to leave India. She was exhausted and discouraged. But […]

Mom’s Night Out

2 years & 9 months.And we are still living in the same place! Despite all our moving around, we made many good friends along the way.Bozeman, Montana.Kalispell, Montana.Albuquerque, New Mexico.Seattle, Washington. But after 2 years of being here, I had very few friends.We found a church and settled in.Although we knew lots of people, we […]


I can’t remember snow ever falling on Mother’s Day!May 11th.  That’s extremely late for Colorado.I was in India for Easter, and never got photos of the kids in their outfits.So, we took some in the snow! Then, today, I awoke to this! By the time it was finished, we had 8 inches of snow!!It may […]

Mother’s Day

This is my 11th year celebrating Mother’s Day.{Ok, so I thought it was my 10th – but after I started counting, it’s 11}{Writing a blog post about my 11th year isn’t quite as special as 10, but I’ll go with it.} My life is truly blessed.A husband who loves me deeply.And four little bundles of […]

Village Hands

Meeting Melanie was a real treat! Her story is remarkable. Her work in India is inspiring. After leaving OM India 2 years ago, she told God she was finished in India. But He had more for her there. Although being there is very difficult for her, she stays out of obedience. God has honored her […]