The land of India has two faces.  For the officials, wealthy, and business men, your road will be smooth, the land will be green, there will be order, and cleanliness.  For all others, the road will be unpaved, trash will be found instead of grass, chaos will rage around you, and the stench of filth and pollution will fill your nostrils.

It can be said that India is developing when seen through the eyes of the wealthy.  Growth can be seen.  It appears that progress is being made.  New construction.  Movement in the right direction.  An impression must be made.  The Brahmin show the face of wealth and prosperity.  They live in wealth and prosperity and can bring the change they desire.

More so, it should be said that India is in bondage to poverty.  The poor will always be poor.  The Dalits will forever be at the bottom of the barrel.  New construction represents an meager income for those enslaved to their debt.  There is no attempt at making a good impression.  Filth and rubbish chokes out any living plant life. The face of poverty is harsh and unforgiving.

The face of prosperity brings savory foods to the dining table.  Elaborate homes.  Exquisite jewelry and dress.  Arrogance and pride keep their noses in the air.  Their very presence demands respect.  The gods have blessed them.  By keeping the faith and their religious practices alive, they keep their position.  The priests are well fed and abound in extreme wealth.

A pile of garbage is where the destitute find a scrap of food.  Their homes are tarps and concrete beds.  Their heads are hung in humiliation.  Their presence causes those who see them to screech in horror.  The gods will never bless them.  They may only worship from the road outside of the temple. Their filth is unacceptable Ina place of worship.  Yet the priests demand their tithes. Much is required of those who have nothing.

The heart of their Creator breaks for them.  Their blindness makes it impossible for them to see Him.  The land cries out under the agony of the suffering and oppression.  The demons demand worship, filling the land with overwhelming darkness.  Demonic oppression keeps them from encountering the presence of angels.  The demons laugh.  For now, they are the rulers of this present evil age.

Yet, they have been defeated.  Their fate has been sealed.  They know their destruction is drawing near.  He waits.  He wants none to perish.  He beckons at the hearts of those He would call His children.  When He comes, His light will be unleashed and darkness will be no more.  All will be made new, and the demons that have destroyed so many for so long will be destroyed.