*48 ladies
*from 7 states
*13 non-adoptive moms
*Moms who have adopted from
America, Ethiopia, Congo, Guatamela, Cambodia, India, Russia, China, Liberia, and Haiti!

4 key volunteers + Mom, Shawnie, and Michell.

I couldn’t have done it without them!
Mom took care of the decorations.
Jaynee and Marisa shopped for food.
Shawnie gave massages and helped with the MM table.
Michell helped set up and ran the registration table.

We had 4 vendors.

The speakers were fabulous!
Amanda Purvis was a highlight.
God really spoke through her in a profound way!
All 4 of them addressed expectations, without planning.

The theme of obedience and obstacles was perfect for the weekend.

The breakout speakers did a good job, from what I heard.
Megan worshiped with all of her heart and blessed us all.

New friendships were made and ladies talked late into the night.

Tears were shed and laughter abounded.

I went into the weekend thinking I might not want to do this again next year.

But at the end of it all, I haven’t ruled it out.
If this retreat can give moms a place to connect and refresh, then it’s worth the hard work!