Complete and utter chaos fills the land of India.  Peace is something this land never knows.  Noise which never stops makes it a place of constant unrest.  People talking.  Tractors, cars, and motorcycles, follow not a single road rule.  People drive where they want, turning, they cut off ten cars without giving it a thought.  For those in their way, they honk and honk and honk until they get around.  

The heat is oppressive and women are dressed head to toe in saris.  Polyester fabric, which is wrapped around them four times, promises to bring misery.  Men uncomfortably dress in pants and short sleeved dress shirts.  Air conditioning is a luxury that can only be enjoyed when the power is operating.  Relief only comes long after the setting of the sun and into the early morning hours.

There are no words to describe the filth.  Piles of trash absolutely everywhere.   The entire ground is a gigantic toilet.  Men can be seen peeing at any time, in any place. Cows and pigs roam the streets, lining them with their dung.  Construction on roads and new buildings, along with the deconstruction of old buildings leaves waste unthinkable.  Should the government decide to build a road, they have the liberty to draw the line where they choose.  The outcome?  Buildings with the face cut clean off, exposing iron rod and the interior of what used to be a room.

Poverty.  Extreme poverty.  Dalits.  Homeless.  Unemployed.  Beggars.  Every intersection holds a beggar.  They approach cars, knocking on windows with arm extended, hand cupped, hoping for any amount of money.  Pimps scout them out, offering them a place to lay their head and a bit of food in exchange for every rupee they collect and their very soul.  Children sent out by their family to do the same.  Maimed men without feet or hands, crippled women, the blind and elderly, who cannot walk, lie or sit on mats at the side of the road.

Bonded slaves turn blue tarps into what they will call home.  Bad luck forced them to take a loan.  Their caste and eternal unemployment make it impossible for them to ever repay their loan.  The lender puts them to work at a new construction site.  A small salary makes it so that they cannot be called slaves.  After a small percentage goes to pay off the debt, there is barely enough left to buy food.  With no extra money to find a place to live, they make their home on the ground floor of the work site. Entire families move in, kids being put to work, without a hope for education.  When the parents die, the debt will belong to the children, forcing them into bonded slavery.

Religion.  Hinduism is the primary religion, followed by Islam.  The caste system is a direct result of Hinduism.  One might think the government has destroyed the country of India.  Quite the contrary.  Hinduism rules the land.  The caste system is corrupt in every way.  Although it is said to be illegal, it is most certainly in operation.  A faith which says the lowest caste, the Untouchables, the Dalits, are required to give to the temple, but are forbidden to worship within its walls.  The Brahmin caste oppresses the Dalit caste.  Brahmins control the government, the police force, and military.  A religion that oppresses, controls, and dominates anyone that is not a Brahmin, leaves a nation at the mercy of the system.  This system leaves no hope for those of the lower castes.  They will never get out from under the curse put on them by the system.

Worship of 3 million gods.  These gods are nothing more than demons of satan himself.  They worship demons.  Demons rule this land.  Demons hold souls in bondage, blinding the eyes of those who inflict oppression on others.  The spiritual oppression is intense.  Darkness covers this land.  Glimpses of light can be seen, but very little.  Jesus is the only hope for this nation.  Nothing short of a miracle and the Holy Spirit showing up in great power will break through the thick darkness.