Two Faced

The land of India has two faces.  For the officials, wealthy, and business men, your road will be smooth, the land will be green, there will be order, and cleanliness.  For all others, the road will be unpaved, trash will be found instead of grass, chaos will rage around you, and the stench of filth […]

Chaos and Oppression

Complete and utter chaos fills the land of India.  Peace is something this land never knows.  Noise which never stops makes it a place of constant unrest.  People talking.  Tractors, cars, and motorcycles, follow not a single road rule.  People drive where they want, turning, they cut off ten cars without giving it a thought. […]

3 Days

Only 3 days!I am going to India in 3 days.It doesn’t feel real.I’m not even packed. But I’m excited.I am blessed with the opportunity to experience a new culture,new foods, new people …and I get to meet women who are in desperate circumstances,women who are shunned, even hated, by their society,women who are abused by […]

Testing and more testing

Leading up to the retreat, I was working with the kids on all their CC memory work.On Thursday, they had their first round of Memory Master testing.Over the weekend (and on Monday) they had their second round of testing.On Monday, they had their third round of testing at Mrs. Brimberry’s house.Yesterday, they had their fourth […]

P4O Retreat

*48 ladies*from 7 states*13 non-adoptive moms*Moms who have adopted fromAmerica, Ethiopia, Congo, Guatamela, Cambodia, India, Russia, China, Liberia, and Haiti!4 key volunteers + Mom, Shawnie, and Michell.I couldn’t have done it without them!Mom took care of the decorations.Jaynee and Marisa shopped for food.Shawnie gave massages and helped with the MM table.Michell helped set up and […]