We got to spend an entire day with Dan, Bethany, and little Reuben Tanner!
They got to our house yesterday about 10:30 am and stayed until almost 9pm.
We had such a good time!
I got to see photos of Mavuno Village – and all the changes.
They told us stories and shared their hopes and vision.

Truly, it breathes life into my soul.
Just talking about Africa.
Seeing pictures.
Hearing stories.

They have such great vision for the future.
Any and all of my questions and concerns were addressed and answered.

They have really struggled with the Helsby’s decision to leave.
They really do have a mess on their hands.
And they have lost a close friendship.

We talked about their desire to start a primary school.
We talked about job creation through agriculture.
Both ideas for which Steve and I have a vision.

I hope.
I pray.
Maybe one day we have more of a future with Mavuno Village!