The deadline to get the early bird registration rate for the retreat ended on the 10th.
On the 7th, I had to cancel rooms.
In my hope (faith) I reserved 40 rooms and believed that 80 ladies would come.

But I dropped 15 rooms, leaving us with 25.
Instead of 80 ladies registered, we have 40.

I’m struggling to fight off discouragement.
God will bring who He chooses.
He knows who should be there.
But I feel disappointed.
Like it or not, numbers reflect growth.
Numbers reflect health.
A loss of numbers reflects quite the opposite.

I hope God chooses to send a few more, but my expectations are low.
And so, I press on.
I believe that God will use me to minister to those who come.

But maybe more importantly, I will ask Him …
What does He want to teach me through disappointment?
How can I better handle discouragement?
Why do I feel discouraged?
How does God see this event?
Certainly, He does not feel the same discouragement and disappointment as I.