So, back in November, we met with Al Dobra, Africa Inland Mission’s regional administrator.
We wanted to begin a discussion about the possibility about going with AIM.
Our desire is to work with Dan and Bethany at Mavuno Village.
Since they are on staff with AIM, that seems to be the path we should also take.

After our meet and greet with Al,
we submitted a preliminary questionnaire in December.
On February 3rd, Steve put our application on hold.

Nevertheless, Al reached out to us again.
He came to the house on Saturday to discuss our situation and plans to continue with our application.
I don’t know why, but it was a difficult conversation for me.
It was hard to know what to tell him.
I would love to be moving forward with our application, knowing that the application process is quite long.
It could be that if it’s not what God has for us, then He would close the doors.

But with Steve having never been to Africa, it’s hard to move forward.
I have the vision.
I have the passion.
Steve, however, is 100 steps behind me.
That’s not unusual for us.
I often charge out ahead, far ahead.
Steve gets left behind.
Then I wonder if he even wants to catch up.

Why is it that I spend much time thinking about Tanzania?
Why do I long to go there?
I’d like to say it’s because of vision, not because of discontentment.
But honestly, I don’t know that I know my own heart.
I don’t really know what’s going on inside.

So for now, we will shove it to the back burner.
And tomorrow, we get to enjoy some time with the Tanners!!!
I’m super excited that they are coming here.