We have a lot going on right now.

The P4O retreat is only a week away.
There are still lots of details to finalize.
Name tags, welcome packets, gifts and cards for the ladies, and more!
We have 46 ladies coming, and 5 exhibitors, including Mavuno.

As soon as the retreat is over, both Shiloh and Landon have Memory Master testing.
Then, they both have online assessment testing.
So, we are working hard to push through to both of these big tests.

A day after Shiloh finishes her online test, Shawnie and I leave for India.
We are ironing out the details now.
Melanie is planning quite the trip for us.
Without a doubt, we will come home completely exhausted!

Here’s an 8 minute video about My Choices, where Melanie is currently working.
We will visit their centers in addition to the leper colony.
Our hope is to add artisan groups to our buying circle.
We want to add ladies we can buy directly from, with a smaller middle man.

My Choices Sustainability Program from My Choices on Vimeo.