On this cold, foggy, frosty day, my Sweetie is turning 44.
First, we will have a small celebration with Shawnie at my parents house.
Although mom and dad will miss out as they are heading home from Mexico.
Then, Shawnie is going to watch the kids so I can take him out for dinner and maybe coffee.
Mom and I planned a surprise for Friday.
So, we get to celebrate again then!
I know that Steve wishes he were doing something else at this stage in his life.
He wishes that choices he made led him to a different place.
BUT I have no doubt that we are right where God wants us.  
Steve is right where God wants him.
Steve has a good heart.
He’s a dear friend and a loving father.
He’s faithful, loyal, teachable, and passionate.
I am thankful to be his wife.
Happy birthday, Steve!