Some days, I just don’t know what to write.
Those days can turn into weeks still I have few words.

Not much has been happening.
We’ve had a 2 week break from CC.
We’ve tried to plug along with school.

I’ve been working not P4O details.
So far, we only have 40 gals registered.
(down from 64 last year)

Shawnie and I got our visa applications sent in for our India trip.
I have continued to email Melanie and Eileen to work out details.
Other than the fact that it’s going to be HOT, it should be awesome.

I surprised Steve with a concert – Francesca Battiselli.
It was fun, but FAR too loud.  My pants vibrated from the bass!

We have finally left Heritage!
I honestly just reached a point where I couldn’t take anymore.
It’s a dying church with bad leadership.
I miss Mars Hill Church!  I so wish there was one here.
But instead, we have been visiting Front Range, a new church plant.
It’s been good.  Ernest is a young pastor with much excitement and passion.
But again – the music is FAR too loud!
What’s up with that?

Today, I’m fighting off a cold.
I have a sore throat.
But it’s 65 degrees today.
And I have more house work to do than I care to even think about.

So, with that – I guess I’ll get up and get to work!