Before and After

We’ve been in our house for two years and eight months.It’s so awesome that we are here!And we are in project mode around here.And we are not packing.Our boxes are tucked away in the attic.And our house is looking awesome! Steve just found new furniture on Craig’s List.We have a bit more painting to do.And […]

A Full Plate

We have a lot going on right now. The P4O retreat is only a week away.There are still lots of details to finalize.Name tags, welcome packets, gifts and cards for the ladies, and more!We have 46 ladies coming, and 5 exhibitors, including Mavuno. As soon as the retreat is over, both Shiloh and Landon have […]


We got Murphy in December.He has been the sweetest dog.He’s (mostly) obedient, potty trained, he stays downstairs, he’s a snuggler …but lately, he has started biting people! Just today, when I got home, he came out to the garage with Steve.A gal had parked on the street to visit the guy next door.Murphy saw her, […]

The Tanners

We got to spend an entire day with Dan, Bethany, and little Reuben Tanner!They got to our house yesterday about 10:30 am and stayed until almost 9pm.We had such a good time!I got to see photos of Mavuno Village – and all the changes.They told us stories and shared their hopes and vision. Truly, it […]


So, back in November, we met with Al Dobra, Africa Inland Mission’s regional administrator.We wanted to begin a discussion about the possibility about going with AIM.Our desire is to work with Dan and Bethany at Mavuno Village.Since they are on staff with AIM, that seems to be the path we should also take. After our […]


The deadline to get the early bird registration rate for the retreat ended on the 10th.On the 7th, I had to cancel rooms.In my hope (faith) I reserved 40 rooms and believed that 80 ladies would come. But I dropped 15 rooms, leaving us with 25.Instead of 80 ladies registered, we have 40. I’m struggling […]


Some days, I just don’t know what to write.Those days can turn into weeks still I have few words. Not much has been happening.We’ve had a 2 week break from CC.We’ve tried to plug along with school. I’ve been working not P4O details.So far, we only have 40 gals registered.(down from 64 last year) Shawnie […]


On this cold, foggy, frosty day, my Sweetie is turning 44. First, we will have a small celebration with Shawnie at my parents house. Although mom and dad will miss out as they are heading home from Mexico. Then, Shawnie is going to watch the kids so I can take him out for dinner and […]