So, yesterday, Steve and I went to the Apple store to take an iCloud workshop.
And I set out to figure out how to make the iCloud work for my MacBook and iPad.
It turns out that my MacBook doesn’t even have iCloud.
I discovered that I need to upgrade my MacBook …
but I can’t because I’m still using iWeb – which will disappear with the upgrade.

I use iWeb for my blog and the P4O website.
So, now I have my work cut out for me.

I have three years of blog posts on iWeb!
They need to get into Blurb, my blog book publishing company.
Then I can publish each year into a book.

Meanwhile, I need to start blogging another way.
So, I guess I’ll start with Blogger.
It’s user friendly … and I used them back in the day.

So, here goes.
The big switch.
One I knew was coming but didn’t want to make.